LaRuche Photo: Realize Your Vision Through Our Lens

At LaRuche, we know the impact of a well-taken photo. This is increasingly clear in an age where nearly every aspect of our lives is bought, sold or documented with cameras. Through our work, we find the story behind all these images. We connect with you to craft an attractive and personalized headshot. We consider the uniqueness of your product to make the perfect product showcase. We present a house as a comfortable home, drawing in the viewer so they can envision themselves being blissfully present. With so many variables that go into the perfect shot, there’s a lot of room for error. Don’t let your photo needs fall into the wrong hands. At LaRuche Photo, our combined abilities allow us to execute your vision and make your pictures stand out from the crowd with power and poise. We tell your story to the world - whatever it may be - through the perfect image.

Behind the LaRuche Lens: Who Keeps the Hive Running


Before you look any further, you should know a little about us too! We are Jess and Chris, a husband-and-wife team, and together we made LaRuche Photo to share our love of photography. We use our talent and passion to help you present your property, product or profile to the world with eye-catching style.

LaRuche means ‘the hive,’ and we like to see ourselves as a two-person hive of activity (busy bees might be too on the nose). Between the two of us, we perform all the functions of a busy studio on the go. From lighting to camera work, we have all the skills needed to take your photos to market and attract buyers like bees to blossoms.

The prospect of finding the right photographer among endless options can be daunting, and no one wants to get stung. One-person shops may have great service but lack experience. Large firms may have the talent but come up short on personalized attention. With LaRuche, you get the best of both worlds. We’ve got the experience to deliver what you need and we’re small enough to make sure you’re delighted with the results. When you call, it’s one of us that answers the phone – Jess or Chris. We work directly with you with no middlemen, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality. We treat you, your business and your ideas with the dedicated service you deserve.

We’re business professionals too, so we know that your time is money and you need to make it count. When you work with LaRuche, you’ve got the full attention of the hive.

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Creating a Buzz: How We Bring Your Images to Life

With over thirty years of creative experience between us, we have seen just about everything when it comes to photography. Because of our knowledge, we can work in all types of settings, creating the light we need even when nature doesn’t cooperate. We are fully equipped for all photography needs and specialize in real estate, product photography and professional headshots.

Properties for sale, lease or rental need compelling imagery. In addition to creating striking still shots, Chris knows his way around a drone. A well-executed drone shot or video can make the difference between a potential buyer’s “maybe” and a “hell yeah!”. For a more in-depth look at a property, we can create an extensive 3D virtual tour or floor plan, making the viewer feel like they’re walking through the halls of their future home. Oh, and if you’re in a hurry, we offer a 24-hour turnaround on most of these services.

While headshots may seem simple enough, the difference is clear once you compare a professional image to an amateur one (don’t get us started on selfies). Especially in the age of distance communication, people want to have a clear idea of who they are dealing with. By keeping your headshot updated (please don’t use the one you had taken thirty years ago!), you can maintain a fresh, professional image to put your best face forward.

With the explosive growth of internet-based sales, a picture may be worth not just a thousand words, but thousands of dollars. A product with a polished photo will have a distinct competitive edge over a lackluster one. We know how to work with brands to capture your product in the best possible setting to evoke an emotional response from viewers. People make buying decisions based on feeling and emotion – let us help you make them feel good about your products or services with engaging images.

All of this collective insight is at your disposal when you call Jess and Chris. Never settle for just good enough when you can have the best right next door.

We’re Atlanta Local and Proud of It

When you choose LaRuche, you can be confident that you are dealing with professionals that have been around the block. And not just any block – your block. We’re based in the Atlanta metro area, and we understand our region’s unique beauty (and pollen – ahchoo!). We love our local connection and thrive off of the relationships we create with each and every client. When you need a trustworthy eye to bring out the very best in your images, contact Jess and Chris for an experience you’ll be excited to share with your own hive.

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