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45% of homebuyers want to see a home online prior to purchasing. The majority of this percent will pass up a home online if it doesn’t market a 360 tour. In todays market, it is all about online home buying. We get a lot of mixed reviews in 360 tours. From a marketing perspective, virtual tours are going to get you more traffic to your listing or new home. It’s that simple.

So which tour is best for you? We offer a standard 360 camera tour. This is great for empty and small homes with a low price point. However, we are now offering 4K 3D tours. These really help show off your listing in a more crips, sharper quality than our original standard 360 does. And no, we don’t use the box. Believe it or not, a large device like the Matterport box doesn’t make the tour nicer. There are several types of cameras that are available to us as photographers, and our 4k camera is the best option on the market for our price point. Check out our samples below. You decide!

*NEW* 4K 3D tour – better quality high end scan EXAMPLE

360 Camera Standard Matterport tour EXAMPLE

NOTE: Tours stay online for 6 months. After 6 months, you can renew for $99. We will notify you when your tour is expiring. If we do not hear from you, tour will be archived until a renewal is created.

4K tours take 1 1/2 times longer on site to shoot, hence the increase in price.

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