Real Estate Video

Using handheld cameras and stabilization devices, we capture video highlights of a property’s best features as an addition to our array of imaging products or for use on various social media platforms.

*once we film in Horizontal (or Vertical) we can’t convert to the other.

*6 min+ video: Please reach out for custom quote. 770-771-4555

NOTE: If home is over 7000+ sq ft, please reach out for a custom quote.

*VIDEO DISCLAIMER: Video products take anywhere from 48 hours to 2 weeks to create, depending on the amount of work involved. If you are wanting video by tomorrow, we encourage you not to purchase a video product.

Product categories


The price of video is just for hand-held ground video. If you wish to add on drone video to input into final video output, this requires a licensed drone pilot. We have an option available below to add drone to any video. Choose to add on anywhere from 1 local location (Same as where ground video took place, or up to 4 more locations from the dropdown below.

Do you have something already created for videos you would like us to put at the end of your video? Share it here. If you don’t have an ending, simply upload your logo here.

(max file size 300 MB)

Want to add your logo and headshot, but don’t have an ending? that’s ok. We can make one for you. Add it here!

(max file size 300 MB)

Want to do an intro talking about the home at the beginning of your video? Add a voice intro. Selling a house with another agent? make sure you add 2 agents on. We will shoot both agents together. If you each want a separate intro, please choose 2 separate intros menu item.

We have two options here:
Client recorded Voiceover phone Memo: Once video is created, we will ask you to do a voice recording memo on your phone, as. you watch the video on your computer. Once the audio is complete, email it to us, and we can lay it over the video as you describe the video.

LaRuche recorded voiceover with lapel: We can record you on location, and then take the voice over and put it where we need to make it in line with the video. This takes more time on our part, and more coordination, so the price will be higher.

For Listings of 7,000 sqft or over,

Please Contact Us 770-771-4555