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Drones have revolutionized the field of photography. Never before has it been possible to capture such stunning high-quality aerial images . And not just images - video footage, too, is high in demand to give viewers a realistic, breathtaking panoramic view of a property. If you were a buyer browsing through homes for sale, wouldn’t you be drawn to a listing that showcases aerial and wide-angle views of your prospective home? We know we would.

This is because a bird's eye view is a great way to capture the attention of your audience. It allows prospective buyers to take note of the size of the land and the surrounding landscapes. Beautifully executed aerial images of real estate are known to contribute to faster sales and higher sales prices. You can take advantage of this by incorporating drone photography in Atlanta area home listings with LaRuche Photo. Our drone skills will help you make your business more successful.

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While professionally shot images can make all the difference to your real estate listing, drone photography adds extra oomph. In today’s competitive market, why take a chance on losing a sale or having a listing take longer to sell? Capturing dramatic, appealing images and videos using drones is the current trend in the world of photography and real estate sales that is sure to last.

In addition to getting attention, aerial photography also plays an important role in how you market your property. In a survey conducted by Zillow , more than 36% of Americans said they would prefer to buy a home entirely online. The respondents showed a preference for virtual or video tours versus an in-person meeting. Further corroborating the importance of aerial images is a statistic from Multiple Listing Service (MLS), stating that properties with aerial images sell 68% faster than those without them. Soon, drone photography will be the filter between properties that get high viewer engagement and those that don't.

Drone aerial images and drone videos also add a new life to marketing collaterals for companies and colleges. Whether you’re looking to showcase your corporate set-up or you want a shot of a live sports event at your college, drones give you a competitive edge. When you work with LaRuche, you are guaranteed the best of drone photography in Atlanta.

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The convenience of using drones has opened up an array of opportunities for many businesses. Places that were inaccessible and hard to reach are now easily accessed by drones. Aerial wedding photography and marketing materials allow drone footage to shine, but drones are also helpful in tracking and surveying disaster areas. As your one-stop guide for drone photography in Atlanta, we are well aware of the restrictions and regulations that impact drone usage and we’ll keep you (and us) out of trouble. Whether you searched for drone photography near me for business, personal, or governmental purposes, you can be confident that you’re making the right choice with LaRuche.

Large Properties for Sale

Without a doubt, the real estate industry has greatly benefited from drone technology. It is especially true for large properties. With the help of a drone camera, viewers can experience the full breadth of the property. Even indoors, specialty drones create a captivating virtual tour in a way that ground photos can never provide.

Neighborhood Notable Features

On-ground photography is limited in how much it can show off a property’s surrounding area. But an aerial view of a property allows buyers to picture themselves living in the neighborhood. It can even highlight nearby parks, schools and shops that are important in the decision-making process.

Company or College Campus Overhead Tours

Aerial photography is creating a buzz in marketing materials for companies and colleges to attract new customers, investors, and students. Aerial images are a great way to show off your organization’s campus and facilities.


Drone photography makes it possible to highlight additional property features. Landscapes, farms, back yards, and pools are important to many buyers and aerial images can easily display these features in an emotionally engaging way. We have vast experience in drone photography in Atlanta and can create compelling images that accentuate the best features of your property.

Weddings and Special Events

You’ve picked a great location and hired a premium decorator for your special day. Why not cherish these precious moments forever with images that truly capture the spirit of your event? We deliver top quality drone images and videos so you can relive your event over and over again.

Disaster Surveying

Drones can easily gather information and navigate the on-ground complexities after a natural or man-made disaster. We use a combination of high-resolution, HDR or 4K cameras that pick up sensitive images and help disaster management teams plan a course of action. Surveying the area using drones is significantly less expensive than hiring manned helicopters.

Your Search for Drone Photography Near Me is Over: You Found LaRuche

As professionals with decades of experience, we can work with any level of sunlight to create the perfect shot. Whether your requirement is for outdoor, indoor, HDR photography or video footage, we listen to your needs and use a combination of tools and techniques to bring you the perfect results. Our drones can reach altitudes of up to 400 feet and record video as long as 45 minutes. We use specific drones to capture images and videos within space-restricted areas such as tree canopies or other structural and natural obstacles. We even have a drone specifically to shoot videos within homes which gives viewers a unique tour experience.

As experts in drone photography in Atlanta, we are well-versed in the local weather conditions and surrounding areas. We’ve also got a handle on the laws and restrictions surrounding drone flight, locations of no-fly zones and we are fully insured. Basically, if anyone can get you that perfect aerial footage you’ve been looking for, it’s LaRuche.

Your search for drone photography near me ends with LaRuche. Contact us today and get ready to sell more and sell faster.

We Have Liftoff! How to Hire LaRuche for Drone Photography in Atlanta

LaRuche is ready to bring your unique vision to life. We are pleased to offer the convenience and security of online payments. You can get started by visiting our online booking page and select your drone shoot package. You can also choose between different image and video packages so you get exactly what you need. We’ll give you a quick call or text to set up the time for the session. After the shoot is complete, your photos and videos will be reviewed, edited and delivered electronically in as little as 24 hours. Larger packages or longer videos may take up to 72 hours. Don’t see what you’re looking for in our packages? Let’s work together on a custom quote!

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Aerial images and videos have made their mark in the industry. It is no longer a question of choice. The viewing and buying behavior of buyers and sellers have evolved over the years, and today listings that include an aerial shot of the property simply sell faster. Use this trend to your advantage with expert drone photography in Atlanta and the surrounding metro area. If you’re ready to dive in, visit our booking page and select your drone package. Need more info? No problem. Contact us to discuss your project and let us help you rise up in your industry.

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