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Your headshot shapes how people view you, your personality, and your brand. Research suggests that within 7 seconds of meeting someone, people have already formed an opinion about them. When it comes to photos, you may have even less time to make a good first impression. While scrolling through LinkedIn or other sites, you are most likely to notice either the cringe-worthy unprofessional shots or the inviting professionally-shot images. The rest disappear in the social media void, never to be remembered again.

Most LinkedIn profile images are average and add no value to otherwise impressive profiles. This is a shame! When it comes to making the right impression, the first step is to get those perfect headshots. In Atlanta, you can trust LaRuche to bring out the best in yours.

Your Headshot Tells a Story. We Help You Make it a Good One.


That selfie you took and ran through a filter looks amazing…until you compare it to a professionally taken headshot. Then the difference is eye-opening. LinkedIn profiles with professional headshots get 14 times more views than those without images taken by pros. Your headshot acts like a logo for your personal brand. It reflects your personality and values. A professionally shot image shows trust and reliability. At LaRuche, we know how to create perfect headshots that help you achieve that branding. We can consult with you on the background, your expressions, and even your attire, as all these add up to make that winning image that will get you noticed.

Lighting can make or break your images. It not only defines the brightness and darkness but also sets the tone, atmosphere and mood of an image. The downside of working with photographers who only work with natural light is quite evident: what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate but you are still on a tight deadline? As your top-tier photographers for headshots in Atlanta, we don’t depend on Mother Nature to do our job. LaRuche can create the right lighting for your memorable image.

It’s time to upgrade your headshots. Atlanta based LaRuche Photo will help you get noticed the right way. Get the process started today.

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Our Headshots Tell People About You. Our Reviews Tell You About Us.


When it comes to quality headshots, Atlanta area professionals know they can count on LaRuche
to capture the perfect image.

Are You in or Out? We Help You Choose the
Right Background


When you search for headshots near me, you probably expect a level of personalization and flexibility from your photography partners. We encourage our clients to share their vision and goals with us. It helps us to better connect with you and deliver a shot that you (and your prospective clients, employers or followers) will love. Our experience has taught us that no two situations are exactly the same, and we change it up based on your goals and personality.

At first glance, a black or white background may seem no different from a textured pattern. However, your headshot background and even the picture settings, whether indoors or outdoors, can tell viewers a lot about your brand and the message you want to convey. You may be surprised to learn that background and color sets the entire tone for your image. If you are looking for a professional and traditional look, we recommend a neutral and solid color. On the other hand, a young CEO of a startup may decide to go for a red background to stand out from the crowd and reach investors.

Now it’s time to choose a location or style of headshot. Here are some options:

Indoor & Outdoor On-Location Headshots

Outdoor headshots are ideal if your business is based outdoors, such as landscape designers. It’s also a great choice if you consider yourself camera shy, because the outdoor environment is calming. On-location shots can also be indoors. For instance, for an upcoming author, a library or against a bookshelf would make a great background. We recommend alternatives and go with the one that best resonates with you.

Lifestyle Headshots

Every second counts when attracting prospective customers, clients or investors. Lifestyle headshots are a great way to share a glimpse of your business by incorporating real-life situations into the images. For example, if you are a fitness trainer with a YouTube channel, we recommend using your gym as a headshot background.

Studio Headshots

Studio headshots are no-fuss, simple yet effective, and professional photos with multiple uses. These are perfect for your LinkedIn profile image, CV, or for formal documents like passport and visa applications. All you have to do is book a package and schedule a time for your headshots. In Atlanta and the surrounding areas, we can also bring our equipment to you.

Some Photographers are Good. Some are Fast. We’re Both.

Are you guilty of still using that one awesome pic that was taken ten years ago? We know how important it is to get that perfect headshot. And when that happens, it’s hard to let it go. But it is even more important to be current with the times. Collectively, we have thirty years of experience in photography. When you contact us you will speak to either Jess or Chris, and right away we will begin to ask questions and discuss a plan of action. As your go-to team for headshots in Atlanta, we are committed to providing you the very best and offer a quick turnaround time of about 24 hours so you can get rolling with your new favorite profile photo.

Ready to make your headshot work for you instead of against you? Connect with LaRuche and level-up your digital persona period

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LaRuche is ready to make your digital first impression speak volumes. To get started, visit our online booking page. We offer our clients the convenience and security of online payments. You can select your package and complete payment right on our site, from individual headshots to team photographs plus individual headshots for Atlanta metro area clients. After the shoot is complete, your photos will be reviewed, edited and delivered electronically in as little as 24 hours.

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Your search for headshots near me ends with LaRuche. Remember, you have seven seconds or less to make that first impression. And first impressions are often final impressions. Make that vibe the one you want with a professionally shot profile image. Because it’s not just a picture, it’s an investment in your personal brand and a way to emotionally connect with your audience immediately. Contact us if you’re ready to commit to your personal and professional growth or book your session today.

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