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People are driven by feelings, and emotions play a significant role in purchasing decisions. A stunning 95% of all purchases are based on an emotional response, and not necessarily logic or rational thought. Because your product image is most likely the very first thing a potential buyer notices, that image needs to be emotionally powerful. The right image of your product will always engage the viewer and act as the initial hook, making the perfect opening statement without any words. A top-quality image showcases your product and its unique features while also showing off your brand’s personality.

To stand out from the clutter and create a sense of confidence within your customers, you need images that reflect the integrity of your product and your business. A high-quality photo builds trust and can strengthen your brand presence, leading to increased sales. On the other hand, even an average image of your product can be uninspiring to potential buyers, sending them straight to competitors with better photos.

Make the most of your online presence by having the right product catalog. When it comes to reliable product photography in Atlanta, you can trust LaRuche to create an eye-catching image that brings in the right emotion to make the sale.

Photo of a doll in a pink background
Product photography in atlanta of brown boots
Product photo of spectacles lying on the ground
Product photography of golden colored satin cloth
Product photography of two essential oil bottles with Serenity printed on them

Putting Your Product in the Right Light for Maximum Sales

As professional photographers, we know it takes a lot more to produce impactful images than a smartphone and few filters. When you bring LaRuche on board, you are guaranteed a final product that you will love. We are dedicated to understanding and connecting with all our clients. Think of us as an extension of your brand identity. As consultants, we may recommend alternative methods to accentuate your products. Our years of experience have equipped us to create that perfect shot that makes viewers feel good about your product. Our end goal is to help you achieve your business goals.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the product that determines the quality of the image but the use of light. You can have a fantastic product, but poor image quality will kill your sales. Our photos use the best lighting to help you convert browsers into buyers. Whether you need images for your website, social media or print media, if you are looking for product photography in Atlanta, LaRuche has the skill and experience you need. Visit our photo gallery to see examples of the kind of quality you can expect from us.

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Setting Up Your Products for Success


When you search for product photographer near me, you probably have a certain level of skill and experience in mind. At LaRuche, we plan to exceed your expectations. We use advanced techniques to make your product images stand out. With a background in advertising and marketing and three decades of experience including product photography in Atlanta, we have insight into what works. Whether you need photos for online channels like websites and social media or for offline purposes like print advertisements, billboards or flyers, you need high quality images that inspire your target market. This is where LaRuche excels.

When it comes to product photography, Atlanta area clients have flexibility with LaRuche. Your product shoot can happen just about anywhere, from studio shoots (ours or yours) to the great outdoors in lifestyle product photography.

Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle product photography, also called in-context photography, is ideal when you want to showcase the product or service in its natural setting. Such images create an emotional connection with the viewer as they imagine themselves using the product in similar situations. Lifestyle product photography provides a sense of experiencing the product before even making a purchase. For example, an outdoor clothing brand may need an on-location shoot on one of the many picturesque hiking trails around Atlanta. Similarly, images for a protein drink can be shot in a gym to highlight its practical uses. The result is a natural, emotionally engaging photo focused on your product and its benefits.

Studio Product Photography

Not every product needs to be shot in its natural setting. In this case, a convenient and reliable way to showcase your product range is through studio photography. Having multiple images of your product shot from different angles helps the buyer to visualize the product and how they would feel holding it. We are well-versed in manipulating lighting to produce high-quality product photos and have all the right equipment for your perfect product photography. Atlanta area residents can bring products to our studio or we can bring our skills to you. Either way, the next time you are looking for product photography in Atlanta, you know you can reach us. Not local? No problem – you can send your products to us and we’ll do your shoot in-house.

We’re Your Local Lens for Product Photographer Near Me

The perfect image should not be dependent on the position of the sun or the stars. With our collective decades of experience, we can work in different types of settings to give you the golden-hour worthy perfect photo any time of day. Our specialized equipment and advanced lighting create the preferred environment, so you are no longer dependent on nature for that winning shot. Your search for a product photographer near me ends with LaRuche because we use our background in branding, advertising, and marketing to make your product shine. We take pride in our work and are known to go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction, indoors or out.
Photo of rice on top of a soup on a white bowl along with two slices of bread

Making LaRuche Part of Your Marketing Team

As experts in product photography and Atlanta area residents for many years, we are familiar with the business climate here and respond to the needs of our fellow business owners. We’re pleased to offer convenient online booking so you can get moving on your shoot faster. If you’re not sure where to start, give us a call. We are a two-member team at LaRuche, so you’ll speak to either Chris or Jess and get personalized service right from the start. Once the shoot is done, photos are edited and delivered digitally to you period.

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In the digital world, product images are a reflection of the quality of products and the company that creates them. They are the first thing your customers see, and are the deciding factor as to whether a viewer will continue browsing, make a purchase, or move on to a competitor. If you wouldn’t sell poor-quality products, then why compromise on the photos that represent their value? Make sure you capture your audience immediately with the right imagery and build an emotional bond from the very start. To do that, you need experience, dedication, and a limitless creative eye. You need product photography from Atlanta based LaRuche Creative. Contact us if you’ve got questions or book your session today.

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