Event Videography

Before placing your order, let’s talk about your needs. Perhaps you may not fit into an hourly box. Perhaps, you have a morning event, followed by an evening event with a long break in between. Let’s chat to see what the best fit is for you. If this option is right, we will send you over to place an order. But let’s have a conversation first. Click Contact Us to get the conversation started!

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*Must purchase a package above prior to purchasing this item. Would you like the raw clips from the night? We are open to selling these to you also! They are great for small social media posts. Keep in mind these are sold as is. No color correcting, no clipping, no editing. Typically someone interested in buying these have some background in video editing and will want to put together their own video shorts.

For Listings of 7,000 sqft or over,

Please Contact Us 770-771-4555